We love learning new languages and being creative! Bizzie Bodies is an artistic group that organises a wide range of creative workshops while encouraging kids to learn French. We provide workshops in textiles, graffiti, photography, art, eco craft, music, dance and drama! We work in small groups so there is plenty of time for children to develop their own style and approach to learning. Workshops are for children aged 6-12 years old. We aim to develop workshops in a safe and engaging environment, encouraging children to learn a new language whilst promoting children’s creativity. Bizzie Bodies is Based in South London and was founded by Emilie Mendy in March 2013 to help build children’s interest in learning French as a second language. The company aims to facilitate social inclusion in multi-cultural societies, and provide opportunities for children who would otherwise have minimal access to creative learning outside of their school education. Emilie is a French National who emigrated to London in 2007. Emilie believes that, successful learning can be created through a blend of structured educational and creative activities provided in an open and inclusive environment. The Bizzie Bodies core philosophy is built around this principle of fun filled group learning, which is gaining more traction with every event.

Bizzie Bodies’ activities involve visual and performing art classes for children aged 6-12 with a French Language component.

We design workshops based on French language through a range of visual and performing art activities which include: Graphic Design, Photography, 3D Printing, Textile, Drama and Dance.

We work in small groups so there is plenty of time to develop your own style and approach to learning. The time of the workshop’s vary according to the activity. Please visit our calendar for up to date workshop information.

The child collaborates with the artist within the different creative industry and/or build and share knowledge as a creative team.

The method Bizzie Bodies is using to teach the children is called: ‘LIFE’ Learn and Imagine in French through your Expression.

Bizzie Bodies teaches children to express themselves through the VAKOG system (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory), to enable and encourage children to express themselves within a french context and engage in conversation with people from different backgrounds in one of the biggest multicultural city, London.

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